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Ropetopia's adventure trails allow participants to experience the thrill of heights without the need of a harness. Its challenging tunnels of nets and obstacles are a great way to diversify any entertainment center, and deliver unique emotions in a completely safe environment.

Adventure trails can be easily added to existing rides and attractions, or can be used on their own. Their structure is made to fit a vast variety of locations and provide optimal space utilization, while their design appeals to people of all ages.

Suitable For

Ropetopia's adventure trails can be incorporated into a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. They can be suspended from the ceiling, self-standing or attached to other rides or attractions.

adventure zone Adventure

amusement park Amusement

family entertainment center Family Entertainment Centers

hotel Hotels

MALL Malls

recreational center Recreational Centers

resort Resorts

water park Water Parks

Design and Manufacturing

Each Ropetopia adventure trail is unique – an experienced team of 20 designers and 20 engineers create every single project from scratch, given the specific features of the available space. Accordance to all relevant European standards ensures the highest quality in the manufacturing process.

Installation and Maintenance

Our installation and maintenance crew provides high-quality assembly, and makes sure adventure trails comply with all safety standards. Optional annual inspections by certified Walltopia technicians are recommended to ensure that the product's quality stays the same throughout the years.


High capacity

Lower investment per person per minute than roller coasters

Low operational & maintenance costs

Great for space utilization

Appealing to all ages

Can easily be combined with other attractions

Technical Information


The Walltopia Adventure Trail is an extremely flexible attraction. It could easily be added to existing attractions, could be self-standing or suspended from the ceiling.

Adventure Trail Attached to a Ropes Course

Self-Standing Adventure Trail

Suspended Adventure Trail


Rectangle Platform

Round Platform

Trapeze Platform

Concepts & Themes

Our team of highly skilled architects and designers is ready to tackle any theming challenge or idea that comes to mind – Jungle, Ocean, Space, Stone… you name it.

Golden Paradise

Concept Details:
Platforms:All combined
Number of Obstacles:13
Area:250 sq. m / 2691 sq. ft.
Capacity:200 people per hour
Theme:Golden Paradise


Concept Details:
Structure:Attached to existing structures
Platforms:All combined
Number of Obstacles:32
Area:768 sq. m. / 8266 sq. ft.
Capacity:360 people per hour

Rain Forest

Concept Details:
Number of Obstacles:5
Area:140 sq. m / 1507 sq. ft.
Capacity:120 people per hour
Theme:Rain Forest

Treasure Ship

Concept Details:
Number of Obstacles:9
Area:300 sq. m. / 3,230 sq. ft.
Capacity:220 people per hour
Theme:Treasure Ship


All Adventure Trails come with three types of ropes tunnels – round, square and triangle. Different elements inside the tunnels create the variety of obstacles and deliver different thrills.

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Looking at the fast speed our industry is growing and changing, we’ve decided to start a talk with our clients and partners on the lessons learned on the way and the upcoming future.

The first on the list is our partner company - Adventure Facility Concepts & Management (AFCM). We often joke that if it was on Facebook to decide our relationship with AFCM, it seems it best fits into the “open relationship” status. Why open? AFCM was established in 2013 as a separate entity under the Walltopia family with very distinctive purpose - to excel at operations of adventure centers. They stepped on our most recognized adventure product - the Fun Walls and turned it into a successful franchise model.

Today, though, they are more than this. AFCM now works on adventure facility concepts from A to Z where Fun walls are just one of the attractions - somewhere in between trampolines, soft play, zip lines, rope courses, artificial caving, etc. Learn how AFCM sees their role and what they have to tell us about their active entertainment franchise model. Read below the interview with Tania Kishkin, AFCM Vice CEO, who's been with them since the foundation and has gone through the whole process from a concept to a working model.

WT: What is behind Funtopia Franchising?


Tania (AFCM): The power and enthusiasm of several young people who adore challenges and overcome them as it is their second nature. Adventurous, sharp-witted and creative, they are conquering the entertainment market and spreading Funtopia centers all around the globe.

WT: We’re often approached for Funtopia quotes and you’re often approached for Fun Walls quotes. How would you explain the difference between the two?

T: The difference is simple – Fun Walls is the Big Mac on the menu and Funtopia is the McDonald's restaurant. There are many other offers on the menu. Having a Funtopia, you provide your visitors with a mix of adventure attractions where they can climb, jump, slide, crawl, fly, celebrate, have fun with family, friends, colleagues, etc. Fun Walls are the anchor activity but Funtopia's strength is hidden inside the operations, marketing program, events’ packages, tournaments, team buildings, etc. Funtopia has it all to triple the revenue of Fun Walls.

WT: What was your drive to turn Funtopia into a franchise? And what are the benefits that this would bring to clients?

T: Funtopia is a great concept, we know it. There were 2 options – to develop and run in a slow motion our own Funtopia centers or to sell the concept to many other enthusiastic, energetic people who see the benefits. We strive to develop. Franchising is the fast way to become global and, of course, the more challenging, the more compelling it is for us.

The benefits – Funtopia franchisees have 4 times greater chance to succeed compared to non-franchisees who struggle with guesswork for the first several years from the start of the operational business. The tasks to be accomplished are countless and while the non-franchisees spend time deciding what to be done when, where and how – sales drop down. Funtopia provides clear and consecutive structure in steps so that sales start growing right from the Soft Opening.

Funtopia possesses the buying power of equipment and supplies and the shared knowledge of the franchise system both of which make the brand stronger and more attractive for potential franchisees. Moreover, for the period of the agreement, next to the franchisee there is a dedicated young and enthusiastic Business Development Manager with extensive experience and a fine sense for adventure operations. This person, together with other professionals from the team, supports the franchisee with legal advice, business planning, project management, trainings, price policy review, programs & packages, on-site opening assistance, performance coaching, benchmarks & KPIs.

Funtopia has developed a customized POS software which tracks every single minute of operation, sales and results by group of services, promotions, online bookings. It can also send personal messages to your customers. This is a small part of what we provide to franchisees – they also get a website and social media profiles along with a completely developed marketing program with numerous tools and a rich pool of designs and visuals. Of course, all this is accompanied by the Funtopia Operations Manual including all necessary instruments to run the operations from day one.

WT: You have 9 centers on 4 continents to date. Do you already have a recipe for success?

T: Old but gold – the recipe for success is to love what you do. Our team is not just a group of employees – this is a team that possesses the energy, power, know-how and desire to draw the world for the franchisee. Funtopia is on 4 continents because we work hard and we are devoted to what we do. Every successful business requires serious approach, though we are in the entertainment one.

WT: What is the typical profile of a Funtopia owner?

T: The owner is a person with a positive attitude towards young people. Funtopia is in the service sector and its customers are parents with kids and teenagers. The owner must have this inner gut feeling and desire to become the most beloved and preferred place for these target groups. It is not just the concept but also the staff, their appearance, courtesy and politeness that make the place what it is.

The owner has to also be energetic, entrepreneurial, creative and keep an eye on each square centimeter of his Funtopia center. It is not required to have previous experience in the entertainment business – we’ll teach him/her about that but it is highly recommended to possess experience in running a business.

WT: Looking back, what has been your biggest challenge so far?

T: To franchise on 4 continents in 6 different countries is quite an interesting job. Some will understand. Behind these stand different legislations, cultures, approaches, activities, habits, etc. Performance indicators are different and hardly can be compared between countries. The success of a single location is measured throughout the prism of the local culture. The challenges start from the franchise legislations, the design & architectural requirements of the local authorities and do not end with the Grand Opening. We have to be fast-adapting, flexible and open-minded if we want to grow.

WT: Your biggest reward?

T: In terms of business – to be presented on 4 continents is not a small reward, you’ll agree. But what’s more satisfying is that our franchisees open second location less than a year after the first one. It speaks for itself – the brand becomes stronger, people love Funtopia and need more of it, they trust us. This makes everyone happy.

In terms of social responsibility, every day we hear or read comments from parents who are thankful and appreciate the hours their kids spend in Funtopia, because this experience has replaced part of their daily dose of screen entertainment. We want kids to grow happy, energetic and sharp. In Funtopia they can enjoy all adventure activities, participate in different physical challenges, compete and share the joy and fun. This is the FUNbelievable adventure which we took on not too long ago…

WT: Funtopia in one word is….?

T: FUNtastic!

WT: What should we expect from you in the future?

T: Our ambitions are great but we are brave and smart and we’ll achieve them. The proof: you can expect 7 new Funtopia centers to open by the end of 2017.

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Meet Walltopia at the NSAA National Convention and Trade Show

Walltopia Active Entertainment’s USA team will be attending the NSAA National Convention and Trade Show in Marco Island, Florida to show how mountain and ski resorts can take advantage of non-peak seasons! The event will be held at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort on May 3 -6. Visitors can drop by Walltopia’s booth (#404) to learn about the benefits...

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Walltopia Sponsoring the Annual Shopping Malls Summit

Walltopia will be sponsoring the 8th Annual Shopping Malls Summit on April 25th and 26th in Kuala Lumpur. Our CEO, Ivaylo Penchev, and Tania Kishkin, Vice CEO of Adventure Facilities Concepts & Management /Walltopia Group/, will be presenting “Active Entertainment – the Key Factor to a Successful Shopping Center”. Join them on April 25th at 12:00 in the Pullman Kuala...

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Walltopia Is a First-Time Exhibitor at Mapic Russia

Walltopia will be attending MAPIC Russia in Moscow as a first-time exhibitor. Our team of Active Entertainment experts will be at booth A32, Pavilion 7, Hall 3 of the Moscow Expocentre on April 24-26. You can also join us for our pitching session in the Retailers’ Club on April 24th & 25th at 15:30 with our COO, Boriana Petrova. We are...

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The International Mountain Development Fair in Grenoble

  Walltopia will be at the international mountain development fair, Mountain Planet , to help mountain and ski resorts redesign themselves into an all-season destination. We will be hosting a presentation in the Agora Room on April 18th at 11:00 AM to tell visitors more about our year-round attraction, the Rollglider, and how it has been a success for our clients around...

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Meet Walltopia in Dubai

Walltopia is an exhibitor at the 24th edition of the largest amusement and leisure show outside of America – DEAL (April 9 -11). The event will once again take place at the Dubai World Trade Center, where you can drop by booth Z2-B05 to meet with our team of representatives. Our company will also be attending the Menalac Conference at...

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Walltopia Sponsors the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Summit

Walltopia is an official sponsor of the Themed Entertainment Association Summit in Anaheim, CA. The event will take place at the Disneyland Resort on April 5th till 6th . Meet us in the Magic Kingdoom Ballroom to learn more about our ropes courses, adventure trails, interactive climbing walls, zip line roller coasters, and obstacle courses. We would like to tell you...

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Meet Walltopia at AAA in Guangzhou

Walltopia will be exhibiting at the Asia Amusement and Attraction Expo (AAA) in Guangzhou for the first time! Visit booth J103 on April 3rd till 5th at Area A of the China Import & Export Fair Complex to learn more about our products, and to meet our local representatives. Guagzhou is the home of Clifford Wonderland, where one of our newest...

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Walltopia in Beijing

Walltopia will be exhibiting at the annual China Attractions Expo in Beijing, and our local team of active entertainment experts is excited to show off our latest projects! The exhibition will take place at the China National Convention Center on March 17th till 19th. Drop by booth #873 to learn more about our ropes courses and adventure trails, interactive climbing...

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Walltopia at the World's Leading Property Market, MIPIM

Our team of active entertainment experts will be at the world's leading property market, MIPIM, to show event visitors what we have done so far, and how it has worked out for our customers from the retail and amusement industry. We believe that sport based activities are a great way to bring in new regular visitors, which is why we are...

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The Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries Amusement Expo

Walltopia will be exhibiting at the 18th Annual IAAPI Amusement Expo in Mumbai, India. The event will be taking place at the Bombay Exhibition Center on February 27th till March 1st. Interested in learning more about Walltopia’s products, and the essence of active entertainment? Drop by booth C4 – we would love to hear all about your business, your plans for...

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Learn About Active Entertainment at Entertainment Experience Evolution (EEE)

The Walltopia Active Entertainment team will be attending the EEE conference in Santa Monica next month to talk about the benefits of adding adventure based attractions to retail centers. Join us for a breakfast roundtable hosted by Walltopia Adventure USA’s CEO, Ivaylo Sotirov, on Wednesday, February 7th (7:30 - 8:00 AM) at the Starlight Ballroom. Also drop by Walltopia’s booth at...

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Walltopia at the ACCT Annual Conference

Walltopia will be an official exhibitor at the ACCT Annual Conference for a third consecutive year. The event will take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas . Visitors can learn more about Walltopia’s ropes course elements and aerial trails by dropping by booth 303 on February 1st till 4th. Our team of aerial course...

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Brand New Rollglider Experience – the First Motorized Trolley

Participants Can Now Enojoy a Bird's Eye View of Any Location Walltopia has officially launched its newest version of the Rollglider with a one-of-a-kind electric trolley that puts control in the hands of the participant. The new ride can be installed on both flat and uneven terrains, as the trolley no longer relies on gravity to gain momentum. This opens...

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Walltopia at the Family Attractions Expo in Birmingham

We’ll be visiting Birmingham soon and want to meet you to talk about your future plans for expansion or renovation of your facility. Discover how our active entertainment solutions create unique experiences for FEC visitors, and ultimately bring in more customers. Drop by booth 1130 at the NEC on November 8th and 9th. We...

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Learn About Walltopia's Latest Innovations at the IAAPA Attractions Expo

Walltopia will be exhibiting at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando again, and this year we’ve got tons of innovations to share. One of our latest products, the Rollglider, is developing quickly. We’ve got a brand new trolley transition system (Inclined Chain Lift) on the market, which not only decreases the ride’s waiting time, but also reduces the number of...

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Walltopia Increases Prices Worldwide

Walltopia announces a 15% price increase on all its products and services as of September 19th, 2017. The new change is a result of labor costs that have more than doubled in the previous five years, along with increased burden from all sorts of regulators in the EU. All contracts signed with Walltopia after September 30, 2017 will be subject to...

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Walltopia Exhibiting at MAPIC in Cannes

Discover how malls can be turned into destination centers with the help of active entertainment. Walltopia is returning to MAPIC for the 2017 edition of the event in Cannes. This year the international retail property market will take place from November 15th till 17th. The Walltopia team wants to tell you all about the active entertainment concept, and...

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New Activities for Zoos at the WAZA Annual Conference

Walltopia Offers New Activities for Zoos Walltopia’s team of experts will be attending the 32nd WAZA Annual Conference in Berlin next month. We want to show you how our products can be incorporated into zoos in order to engage visitors in new and exciting ways! Join us at booth 5 at the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm Hotel...

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Drop by Walltopia’s Booth at the China Attractions Expo

The Walltopia team will be attending the China Attractions Expo in Shanghai next month. Drop by booth 309 at the Shanghai World Exhibition & Convention Center, and discover how our active entertainment solutions create unique experiences for amusement park and FEC visitors. We want to talk to you about your future plans for expansion or renovation of...

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Meet Walltopia at the World Water Park Association Show

Engage Customers While Maintaining Your Park's Theme Walltopia will be exhibiting at the World Water Park Association Show in West Palm Beach, Florida. Drop by booth 521-620 and let us show you how you can go beyond traditional waterpark rides by mixing sports with fun and adrenaline. Our products are appropriate for both children and adults...

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Discover Our Custom Active Entertainment Solutions at EAS

Create Unique Experiences for Amusement Park and FEC Visitors It’s almost time for the Euro Attractions Show (EAS), and this year the conference and trade show will be held in the heart of Germany - Berlin. Join us at booth 18-1912 at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Center to learn about our aerial ride (Rollglider), ropes courses (Ropetopia), interactive climbing...

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Meet Walltopia Adventure at IATP in Palm Springs

Discover Smart Ways to Diversify Your Trampoline Park Have you heard of the Active Entertainment concept? Let us tell you all about it and our latest projects from all over the world at the IATP 5th Annual Conference & Trade Show. Stop by booth 9 at The Westin Mission Hills in Palms Spring on September 19th – our...

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Walltopia Adventure at the AZA Annual Conference

Engage Customers While Maintaining Your Park's Theme Walltopia Adventure’s active entertainment products can be incorporated into zoos, and our team wants to show you how at the AZA Annual Conference in Indianapolis. Our outdoor active entertainment concepts, which include ropes courses, aerial rides, interactive climbing structures, and obstacle courses, are a perfect fit to the environment of zoos. Having engaging activities...

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Walltopia Adventure at AAE Singapore

Walltopia Adventure is an official exhibitor at the Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore. Meet us at booth L238 to discover new and exciting ways to diversify your entertainment center. We want to show you what we've done in Asia so far, and how it can be achieved in your facility. We know you are busy, which is why we urge...

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Wallltopia Adventure to Participate in Trade Shows in the USA, Middle East, Australia, and UK

The month of May will be quite a busy one for Walltopia Adventure. Five different and exciting trade shows await us, in different parts of the world, and our team of experts is looking forward to seeing you there! We are kicking off with the NSAA National Convention and Trade Show in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we will show you...

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Learn About the Rollglider at Interalpin in Innsbruck

Meet Walltopia Adventure at Interalpin and Learn How the Rollglider Can Bring in Year-Round Customers Walltopia Adventure will be exhibiting at Interalpin in Innsbruck and we want to show you how our products create benefits for mountain and ski resorts. We know their future lies in their ability to redesign themselves into a year-round destination, and this...

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Walltopia Adventure at SMS Bangkok

Learn how active entertainment becomes a game changer for the retail and leisure industry. Walltopia will be joining the 7th Annual Shopping Malls Summit in Bangkok to share first hand experience on active entertainment trends and the milestones shopping malls go through on their way to becoming destination centers. We’ve seen that well designed experiences bring visitors in, make them...

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Two More Opportunities to Meet Us

Walltopia Adventure will be an official exhibitor at two more trade shows later this month, and our team is excited to meet you! If you are located in Asia, then feel free to set up a meeting with us at CAE Beijing in China. The event will take place at China National Convention Center Beijing on March 18th...

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Funtopia in Tunzafun Xtreme, Australia

There is much to learn in the rapidly growing and fast changing active entertainment industry, and we’ve been talking to some of our clients and partners about what they’ve grasped so far. This week, we interviewed Leo Neophytou, who runs our furthest from home Funtopia center, located at Tunzafun Xtreme in Australia. Find out what Leo has to say about...

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AFCM on Funtopia's success

Looking at the fast speed our industry is growing and changing, we’ve decided to start a talk with our clients and partners on the lessons learned on the way and the upcoming future. The first on the list is our partner company - Adventure Facility Concepts & Management (AFCM). We often joke that if it was on Facebook to decide...

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Walltopia Opens a US Subsidiary for Adventure Products

Walltopia Adventure has officially established a US branch of the company in the United States, and appointed outdoor enthusiast, Ivaylo Sotirov, as CEO. Ivaylo has over 12 years of experience in the Amusement business. He first entered the industry by joining the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as a ride operator. His enthusiasm for adventure didn’t stop there. Ivaylo quickly became involved...

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Walltopia Adventure at MIPIM - Changing the Game in Retailtainment

The world’s biggest property market is taking place in Cannes next month and shopping mall owners, developers and operators will be looking for new and alternative ways to stay ahead of online shopping businesses. And this is where we step in. Experiences are what brings visitors back to shopping malls again and again and it is no mystery why...

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Meet us in India at IAAPI 2017

Walltopia Adventure will be an official exhibitor at the IAAPI Amusement Expo once more. This year, meet us at booth C6 , Hall 5 of the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai on February 22 - 24 . We are excited to share info about our newest products, as well as show you videos of...

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Join Walltopia Adventure for the ACCT and EEE Conferences in the USA

The annual Conference of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) will take place in Savannah, GA and as a member of ACCT, we will surely be there. Join us in the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa from Feb. 2nd till 4th at booths 607 & 707 . Look for our...

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Workshop: Creating Concepts and Master Plans for Adventure Facility Centers

We are hosting a 2-day workshop at our headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, where you can learn about “Creating Concepts and Master Plans for Adventure Facility Centers”. The event will take place from January 25th to 26th and will cover details about the “retailtainment concept”, and our products’specific features. The retailtainment concept is a way for shopping malls to redesign themselves, evolving...

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Walltopia at MIPIM Asia - Nov 29-30 Hong Kong

ACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT: A MAGNET FOR CUSTOMERS MIPIM Asia Summit | Hong Kong | 29-30 Nov | Grand Hyatt Hotel Join us on this year's MIPIM Asia Summit and learn about Walltopia Adventure's retailtainment solutions that will increase the foot traffic to any shopping center or retail area. Come see us at our booth or visit the following events and gain a better...

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Join us at MAPIC 2016

Looking for alternative ways to attract more visitors and generate more traffic to your retail property? Join us at MAPIC 2016 to find out how providing an alternative to the static entertainment experience will cause customers to stay longer, visit more often and receive a unique experience. How can this be achieved? Find out more about why Active Entertainment...

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Meet Walltopia Adventure at IAAPA

Walltopia Adventure will be exhibiting at the annual IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida. The event will take place at the Orange County Convention Center from November 15 - 18.  Visit us at booth 4436 to learn about the Rollglider - the smoothest aerial ride experience of its kind. We will tell you all about...

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Walltopia Adventure at GaLaBau and EAS

Walltopia Adventure will be showing off its products at two more expos this September - GaLaBau and the Euro Attractions Show (EAS) . GaLaBau is the international trade fair for urban green and open spaces, taking place on September 14-17 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany. It is yet another great place to show how...

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Meet Us at the AZA and IATP Annual Conferences

Walltopia Adventure will be an exhibitor at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Annual Conference (AZA) in San Diego, and a sponsor at the International Association of Trampoline Parks Conference (IATP) in Nashville. AZA will be held at the San Diego Convention Center on September 7-11. Meet us us at booth #231 and learn...

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Climbing officially approved for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

A leap forward in the history of our sport - climbing has been officially added to the sport programme for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo as announced by IOC yesterday. Along with baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding and surfing, the five new sports have been approved in a demand and desire to attract a wider youth audience and respond to the...

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Walltopia Converted to a Joint-Stock Company

On June 30, 2016 Walltopia OOD (Ltd) became Walltopia AD (JSC). All of the assets, liabilities, products and brands of the former have been transferred to the latter. The change in the company’s legal status does not require any contract renewals. However, partners and contractors are required to use the new company ID (204143670) and VAT number (BG204143570)...

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New Fun Walls Theme for Teens and Young Adults

Fun Walls has officially launched a brand new design theme - Graffiti Elements. The new contemporary and artsy walls are the first engaging climbing elements on the market to appeal to teens and young adults. Each design can be printed on a variety of static Fun Walls . Interested in the product? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more. About...

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Walltopia at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen

Walltopia is exhibiting at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen from July 13th to 16th . Check out our latest products and innovations at booth 505 (Hall B2). We'll get you acquainted with the next big thing in active entertainment - Ninja Course. We are also very excited to show you some of our projects in...

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The First Walltopia Adventure Hub Opens in October 2016

  Indoor adventure is about to get bigger! The next big thing in the amusement industry will be built this October. The first Walltopia Adventure Hub will emerge at Lavina Mall in Kiev, Ukraine as a part of Galaxy Family Entertainment Centre. The attractions within the Hub will offer great fun and exciting challenges for kids and adults...

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Walltopia Adventure at the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo

Walltopia Adventure is an official exhibitor at the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo in Shanghai this year. The event will be held from June 14th till June 16th at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. Meet us at booth 2618 , hall N2 and learn about how we have taken obstacle...

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Walltopia Adventure’s Products at the Live Entertainment & Event Expo in Japan

Walltopia’s Japanese sales representatives from Tosho Associate Corporation will be exhibiting at the Live Entertainment & Event Expo in Chiba City, Japan. The event will take place at the Makuhari Messe from July 6th until July 8th. If you would like to learn more about Fun Walls , Ropetopia ...

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We Are Taking Obstacle Courses to the Next Level

Walltopia Adventure has officially released a brand new product - Ninja Course. We are taking training facilities a step further by producing obstacle courses for adventure and fitness areas that not only challenge participants physically, but also engage their natural sense of competitiveness.  Ninja Course is customly designed to improve strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance. It...

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Walltopia Adventure and Funtopia take part at RECON 2016

Walltopia Adventure and Funtopia Franchising will be exhibiting at RECon 2016. Join us in Las Vegas Convention Center at booth N1257 to find out how by bringing Active Entertainment to your shopping mall, you can attract more visitors and provide alternative experience to the static cinema entertainment. Together Walltopia Adventure and Funtopia Franchise have successful projects on 3 continents...

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Meet us at NSAA

Walltopia Adventure will be a first-time exhibitor at the NSAA National Convention and Tradeshow in Nashville, Tennessee. The event will take place at the Omni Nashville hotel on May 19th and 20th . Check out the year-round leisure activities that we offer to mountain resorts, at booth 514 . We’ll tell you all about the Rollglider...

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Walltopia at Mountain Planet for the First Time

Walltopia will be exhibiting its products at the largest gathering of mountain professionals in the world - Mountain Planet . The 22nd edition of the show will be held from April 13th until April 15th in Grenoble, France. Ski resorts need something that draws tourists in during the warmer months of the year - a solution that serves as...

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Walltopia Adventure and Rocktopia will be exhibiting at DEAL 2016

Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure Show- the largest event for attractions and amusement in the MEA region, will gather once again experts from all around the globe in their search for new and exciting ideas, projects and industry insights. Walltopia Adventure will be a third-time exhibitor and we are very eager to show our latest products and innovations. Join us to find out why the...

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Join Walltopia Adventure at MIPIM

One of the largest events for property professionals - MIPIM Expo will take place in Cannes, France from 15th to 18th March and Walltopia Adventure will be among the exhibiting companies. Join us to find out why our latest adventure innovation - the Rollglider is the new trend in the amusement attraction industry. Save the date...

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Walltopia Adventure at the IAAPI Amusement Expo in Mumbai

Walltopia Adventure will be a first-time exhibitor at the IAAPI Amusement Expo this year. The expo will be held from March 3rd until March 5th at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai, India. Learn more about our ropes courses, interactive climbing walls, caving systems and brand new ride, the Rollglider, at booth A3, Hall 5. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set...

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Meet Walltopia Adventure at the Interface EEE Conference in L.A.

Walltopia Adventure will be an official exhibitor at the Interface Entertainment Experience Evolution Conference in L.A., which will be held on the 24th and 25th of February this year. We want to transform the shopping experience by giving it a healthy dose of adrenaline! Meet us at booth 20 to find out how our interactive climbing walls, ropes courses, caving systems...

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Walltopia Adventure at the ACCT Conference in Lost Pines, USA

  Walltopia Adventure will be a first-time exhibitor at the 26th Annual International ACCT Conference & Exposition. The event will take place from Thursday, January 28th till Saturday, January 30th at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa. We will be featuring our brands the Rollglider and Ropetopia at our booths - #602 and #701. Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....

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Walltopia to Exhibit During MAPIC 2015

Walltopia will be exhibiting its diverse active entertainment solutions at MAPIC 2015, stand Riviera 7. A5. We will show how our interactive climbing walls, ropes courses, caving systems, and the new ride - Rollglider, provide an engaging experience for both children and adults. We will also be hosting a special event that will outline how Active Entertainment is becoming a game...

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Meet Walltopia Adventure at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015

Walltopia Adventure will be featuring its brands Fun Walls, Rocktopia, Ropetopia and the Rollglider at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida. Learn what each product can do for businesses in the amusement industry from the 17th to the 20th of November at booth 4054. A press conference officially announcing the launch of the Rollglider will be held on November 18th...

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Sport Climbing on Its Way to Becoming an Olympic Sport

Sport Climbing is one of the eight sports shortlisted for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!   Representatives of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and the Japanese Mountaineering Association (JMA) met with the Tokyo 2020 Additional Event Programme Panel in early August to show that Sport Climbing perfectly embodies the Olympic Movement and its core values, as well as its...

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Walltopia Adventure Exhibiting at the Euro Attractions Show 2015

Walltopia Adventure will be exhibiting its products at the Euro Attractions Show (EAS) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The expo will be held at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre from the 6th till the 8th of October.   Check out Walltopia Adventure’s brand new amusement ride - the Rollglider, as well as the rest of its brands - Fun Walls, Rocktopia and Ropetopia...

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