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Ninja Course makes obstacle courses that challenge and help improve the strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance of teenagers and young adults. They are a fun activity that allows participants to train, compete and unwind in a safe environment.

The number of lanes and obstacles in each Ninja Course depends on the size of the area where the course is being built, as well as the capacity requested by the client. Ninja Courses can be combined with trampolines and climbing walls. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor areas.

adventure zone Adventure

amusement park Amusement

family entertainment center Family Entertainment Centers

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MALL Malls

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    • Modular Aluminum Structure

The Ninja Course modular structure is a system consisting of modules that are put together to create custom courses of different sizes and obstacles. The structure can be expanded in any direction.

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    • Obstacles with adjustable difficulty

    • Platforms at the start and end of each course

    • Additional platforms between obstacles, secured with safety pads

    • High absorbtion safety flooring (foam mats, inflatable mats, foam pit )

    • Steel and soft mesh safety fence

    • Timer and display for measuring results

Elevated Ninja Course


  • Components: 3 parallel lanes with 14 elevated obstacles
  • Dimensions: 21 x 10 x 5 m
  • Area: 210 m2
  • Capacity: up to 60 ppl/h
  • Initial Investment: 188 520 EUR / 211 340 USD (EXW plus installation)
  • 1 staff member required for operation
  • Red Cam2


    Platforms between obstacles are secured with safety pads

    • Foam 35 kg/m2 coated with a vinyl cover 650 g/m2
    • Bs2d0 vinyl combustibility grade (as per European standard EN 13501 - 1:2007)
    Flooring Options Height
    Inflatable Mat
    1.2m / 1.5 m
    Foam Mat 40 cm

    Add Ons

    Safety Fence
    • Steel or barrier mesh fence


    • Flying Holds
      Flying Holds
    • Door Knob Grasper
      Door Knob Grasper
    • Slider
    • Climbing Bags
      Climbing Bags
    • Swing and Net
      Swing and Net
    • Swings and Bridges
      Swings and Bridges
    • Monkey Swing
      Monkey Swing
    • Cheese Walls
      Cheese Walls
    • Swinging Discs
      Swinging Discs
    • Hanging Rings
      Hanging Rings
    • Incline Steps
      Incline Steps
    • Swinging Platforms
      Swinging Platforms

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What colors do the Ninja Courses come in?

    The standard colors for the construction are off-white, graphite, black, dark green, brown, azure, and beige. Custom colors are available.


    The mats come in the following colors:

    mat colors

    How long does it take to produce, deliver and install a Ninja Course?

    The lead time for Ninja Courses is 3-6 weeks. The delivery time depends on which part of the world you want us to transport the course to. Ninja courses can be installed in as little as 1 week.


    What our customers say

    Not even the promise of ice cream convin …

    If you need evidence for how much my crew loved Funtopia, I offer this: Not even the promise of ice cream convinced the boys to abandon their climbing"

    Chicago Parent

    The true definition of curious play

    This place is fantastic," said Jacquie Starzyk of Chicago, who brought her 5-and-a-half-year-old son here for the first time. "Kids are curious. 'Can I do this? Am I big enough? Am I strong enough? Can I make it to the next level?' This place is the true definition of curious play."

    See the full article by Chicago Tribune


    This really mixes things up

    Of all the indoor play places Nicholas Laskaris has visited in his life, the 7-year-old Winfield boy described Funtopia as "the best one so far." "This has a lot of different obstacle courses and other stuff I've never seen." - Nicholas, 7 yrs old
    "Usually the climbing places are just a wall, and they get bored pretty quickly," said Jackie Laskaris (mom). "This really mixes things up.

    See original article by Chicago Tribune

    Your walls are definitely one of the hig …

    The FEC has been doing well since our opening and attendance has been steadily increasing. Your walls are definitely one of the highlights of the playground and the kids and even parents love them."

    Jeffrey Liu, Tamufun, China

    [...] I could only recommend you!

    Thank you so much for your quick help here in Helsinki! I am amazed. Another client from Portugal just called a couple of days ago about my experience with Walltopia and Ropetopia and I could only recommend you! Dimitar did all that we expected and more! He was a very nice guy and also speaks very good english, which made it very easy.

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