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Rocktopia is the place to come to for artificial caving systems, children’s play areas, themed elements and interactive exhibits.

A growing demand for products in the amusement industry and the expanding production capacity of Walltopia, allowed Rocktopia to be founded as a specialist company.

Walltopia has a rich experience in designing and producing climbing facilities. For more than 17 years they have created successful projects all around the globe.

Established in 2013, Rocktopia has successfully executed projects in Ireland, Bulgaria, UAE, USA, and Australia.

The company is specialized in the production of high quality caving systems, artificial rockwork, moreover is an experienced manufacturer of children’s play areas, themed and interactive exhibits for different segments in the amusement, education and leisure industries.

The Rocktopia team of specialists will help a client realize their ideas from scratch up to the installation and the final touches of their project.

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Rocktopia Products

Speleo System

This caving system can turn your free space into a great amusement area. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations such as climbing gyms, children's playgrounds, ropes course facilities, theme parks, and SPA&Wellness centers. The Rocktopia speleo system provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore and test their limits.

Cave Obstacles

  • Ball Sump
    Ball Sump
  • Boulder Climbing
    Boulder Climbing
  • Boulder Field
    Boulder Field
  • Corkscrew
  • Duckwalking
  • Multi-level Squeeze
    Multi-level Squeeze
  • Muscle Up
    Muscle Up
  • Stalagtite Chamber
    Stalagtite Chamber

Theming and Themeing Elements

The role of theming elements is to represent the spirit and idea of a particular place. Whether you want to add a new look to your amusement park, or interior decoration to your spa, Rocktopia comes in place.

Artificial Rockwork

We happen to be one of the few companies in the industry that have years of experience in the design and production of realistic rockwork using contemporary and reliable technology of prefabrication and molding. This allows us to produce a wide range of rock types with a distinctive and peculiar outlook, relief, color, and structure.

Interactive Exhibits

Interactive exhibits are based on 2 pivotal excitements. There is a game going on while you’re there. You get clues, explanations, you’re challenged to overcome various obstacles. And second, you learn things as you advance further into the exhibit.

Our interactive exhibits include a wide range of unique components that can be moved, connected, and adjusted in a broad variety of ways. There are also signs to be interpreted and used as guiding assistance for reaching the goals of the exhibit.

Children's Play Areas

Imagine that you’re a kid. It feels great to have fun in motion. To explore, advancing further into an adventure yet unknown. To encounter and overcome challenges, cross bridges, crawl through tiny spaces. To support your team. Most importantly, to be surprised and helped at every step.


Contact Us

Telephone: +359 2 448 57 49
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.rocktopia.eu

What our customers say

Not even the promise of ice cream convin …

If you need evidence for how much my crew loved Funtopia, I offer this: Not even the promise of ice cream convinced the boys to abandon their climbing"

Chicago Parent

The true definition of curious play

This place is fantastic," said Jacquie Starzyk of Chicago, who brought her 5-and-a-half-year-old son here for the first time. "Kids are curious. 'Can I do this? Am I big enough? Am I strong enough? Can I make it to the next level?' This place is the true definition of curious play."

See the full article by Chicago Tribune


This really mixes things up

Of all the indoor play places Nicholas Laskaris has visited in his life, the 7-year-old Winfield boy described Funtopia as "the best one so far." "This has a lot of different obstacle courses and other stuff I've never seen." - Nicholas, 7 yrs old
"Usually the climbing places are just a wall, and they get bored pretty quickly," said Jackie Laskaris (mom). "This really mixes things up.

See original article by Chicago Tribune

Your walls are definitely one of the hig …

The FEC has been doing well since our opening and attendance has been steadily increasing. Your walls are definitely one of the highlights of the playground and the kids and even parents love them."

Jeffrey Liu, Tamufun, China

[...] I could only recommend you!

Thank you so much for your quick help here in Helsinki! I am amazed. Another client from Portugal just called a couple of days ago about my experience with Walltopia and Ropetopia and I could only recommend you! Dimitar did all that we expected and more! He was a very nice guy and also speaks very good english, which made it very easy.

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