Plywood and fiberglass factory

Walltopia production plant

Two of Walltopia’s manufacturing facilities are located in Letnitza, near Lovech in Bulgaria – a two-hour drive from the company’s headquarters in Sofia.

The plants were opened in 2010 with a total area of 6,000 m2 and have been extended to 10,000 m2 in 2012 and subsequently grew until reaching a total of 22,000 m2 with a capacity to produce more than 100,000 m2 of plywood panels per year.

Depending on the work load, there are around 200 full-time employees working at the factory.

Letnitza Steel is our Iron Shop where we do construction and assembly of steel frames with the capacity to process more than 1000 tons of steel per year. It is also the home of our pre-assembly workshop with lifting equipment and an impressive height of 25 meters. It allows pre-assembly of large structures and precision in manufacturing. This stage of the production process guarantees the quality in the final phase of each project and avoids any inaccuracies before they occur on the construction site.

Equipment & Specialized mechanization

5 Axis CnC Plywood Panel Cutting MAchine

3 5-Axis CnC Plywood Cutters
5 Axis CnC Plywood Panel Cutting MAchine5 Axis CnC Plywood Panel Cutting MAchine5 Axis CnC Plywood Panel Cutting MAchine5 Axis CnC Plywood Panel Cutting MAchine5 Axis CnC Plywood Panel Cutting MAchine

Sliding Table Saw

4 Table Saws
Sliding Table SawSliding Table SawSliding Table Saw

Oscilliating Painting and Coating Machine

5 oscillating paiting and coating machines
Oscilliating Painting and Coating MachineOscilliating Painting and Coating MachineOscilliating Painting and Coating Machine

Texturing Machine

Custom made special machine that creates uniform texture on climbing panels.
Texturing MachineTexturing MachineTexturing MachineTexturing MachineTexturing MachineTexturing Machine

Large Scale Plywood Printer

Any imaginable image can be printed on the plywood panels.
Large Scale Plywood PrinterLarge Scale Plywood Printer

Water Curtains

8 Water Curtain machines cater to the plywood and fiberglass production.
Water CurtainsWater Curtains

Panel Coating Testing Machine

A custom made machine lets us test and make sure the coating is dirt resistant.
Panel Coating Testing MachinePanel Coating Testing Machine

Manual Painting Stations

6 manual painting stations
Manual Painting StationsManual Painting Stations

Fiberglass Chopper

Fiberglass Chopper

Sandblasting Machine

3 Sandblaster
Sandblasting MachineSandblasting Machine