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Maintain your facility to always provide the best experience to your customers!

We know that new attractions might not be in everyone’s budget this year. However, that shouldn’t stop your facility from looking and performing its best.

Every safety standard recommends yearly maintenance and inspection visits. Walltopia authorized personal or a certified institution must inspect your facility every 12 months from the date of installation.

Walltopia offers a comprehensive safety inspection service to help you operate a safe and successful entertainment site. We provide maintenance inspections for any Active Entertainment product, regardless if it is built by us or not.

The maintenance inspections are performed by our qualified technicians worldwide.

Upon completion, a full report is issued, detailing the inspection procedure, highlighting issues for concern and advising on how urgently each issue, if any, should be dealt with.

The Walltopia Maintenance & Inspection services include examination of:

  • Overall level of safety of the product
  • Construction, foundations, surfaces, structure
  • Protection systems – belay devices and belay track
  • Anchor bolts of the attachment points
  • Trolleys and Pulleys
  • State of ropes, if present
  • Welding of the attachment points
  • Visual inspection of the welding
  • Deformation (if any) of the construction
  • Bolts of the main structure
  • Loose or rotated protection points
  • Missing components

For more details on Walltopia’s maintenance & inspection services, please contact us at

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