Funwalls has proven to be a fantastic addition to our climbing gym

Wednesday, 26 July 2017 15:02 Written by 

As the owner of more than one climbing gym, Funwalls have provided quick cash flow for the start up & assisted in filling a marketing gap we didn't know existed. The elements have also been an effective way to broaden our market segment that can seamlessly transition into our climbing gym business.

Walson Tai, The Hanger, Calgary, AB, Canada

Funwalls has proven to be a fantastic addition to our climbing gym, all the components are easy to operate for all age groups making it a valuable asset. In the past 18months, Funwalls has proven to increase the growth speed and depth of our bottom line, as well as being very relatable to the whole climbing gym's ecosystem. The installation team was fast, effective and extremely efficient, the modular walls show good potential to be incorporated in other gyms. I was very pleased to work with Yasan and Funtopia, we will definitely be using their services in the future.

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