Walltopia Adventure

Walltopia Adventure

Founded in Bulgaria in 1998, to date the company has built more than 250 000sq.m. of climbing walls in 50 countries on 6 continents.

Walltopia builds climbing walls for the private, public and non-profit sectors, striving to provide the most up-to-date design and technology. The company is committed to continuous improvement of its operation and expansion of its portfolio of products and services in order to ensure high quality and contribution to client's success.

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Thursday, 02 July 2020 06:08

The Thirst for Outdoor Family Activities

Not long ago children used to spend most of their days outdoors - whether playing in the backyard or on the streets with the neighboring kids. Then the world suddenly got too busy and too dangerous for that and a great part of the activities for kids transferred indoors - it’s more convenient and it does not depend on the weather. True.

Outdoor activities though have their own unique advantages - fresh air, sunshine, surrounding nature, more space for unstructured play. Still, looking at our portfolio of completed projects, indoor wins.

Will Covid-19 change that? We believe so.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we see a rise in inquiries for outdoor facilities that can be fun for the whole family. It’s still early to say but the pandemic can contribute to a better balance of indoor vs. outdoor offerings of Active Entertainment. The reasoning behind that is simple - spending time outdoors can have a positive boost on our immune system and can ease the social distancing guidelines, giving us a higher sense of safety & protection.

See below a few of our signature outdoor projects and if you are planning on opening an outdoor center or expanding your existing one, let us know. We have much to offer.

Slagharen Attraction Park, Netherlands (2019)

Slagharen Attraction Park - Ropes Course, Climbing Walls, Rollglider

Rowdy Bear Mountain, USA (2018)

Rowdy Bear Mountain - Rollglider, Amusement Ride

Angry Birds World, Qatar (2018)

Angry Birds World, Rollglider, Ropes Course

Big Bird, France (2017)

Big Bird, Ropes Course

The Excitement Tower, Tehran (2017)

The Excitement Tower Adventure Park, Rollglider

Markeaton Park, UK (2015)

Markeaton Park - Ropes Course, Climbing Walls, Obstacle course

The Adventure Islands, Ireland (2013)

The Adventure Islands, Ropes Course, Zipline

The theming in the cave was the best and most realistic from any companies that we tendered, we even have an LED lava entrance which is always a big hit with everyone! The cave is very easy to operate, we have safety hatches in the event that someone becomes claustrophobic and needs to get out quickly, although we have never had to use them for that purpose - just for maintenance.

Karen Harris, The Harbour, Dunmore East, Ireland, Owner of Dunmore East Adventure Centre

Tuesday, 26 May 2020 10:48

Adventures' Zone

Artificial cave in Sunshine Coast Recreation Center

Sunshine Coast Recreation Center

Caves Bring Knowledge to Life

Caves are rich in stories to tell and are an unforgettable experience for both adults and children - they give you a sense of what life looked like as far back as 500 million years ago. You can even feel it by touching the rock formations which hide fossils of some of the first living beings to ever roam the planet. This way, you can see frozen in their daily behavior ancient animals, such as the trilobites, that were here long before even the first dinosaurs hatched.

Caves also give you the opportunity to walk in the steps of ancient humans and see traces from their life, including the earliest artworks in existence. You can see the handprint of a Neanderthal who lived in a Spanish cave some 64,000 years ago or a bull drawing made by a Borneo island inhabitant some 40,000 years ago. These artifacts don’t only give us information about our ancestors, but also bring us much closer to their way of life.

Funtopia Glenview

Funtopia Glenview

And last but not least, caves themselves are a sight to behold - they vary greatly in size and shape, as well as structure. They’re full of amazing cave formations, such as stalactites hanging from the ceiling or stalagmites rising from the floor. These incredible formations are composed of lava, minerals, sand or other material and take shape over millennia, some of them dated back to 100 000 years ago.

Nature-Inspired and Recreated

Green Box

Green Box

All this makes caves a remarkable opportunity for exciting discovery and an experience that is fun and educational at the same time. This is why, stepping on their background in the climbing and active entertainment industry, Walltopia developed the artificial cave experience - a combination of exciting learning and exploration, sports, fun and a healthy dose of adrenaline.

The rock realistic surfaces of their caves come with authentic cave features: stalactites and stalagmites, fossils, lava, sumps. In order to achieve that, Walltopia offers either of two materials widely used in the production of artificial caves - glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) which means sculptors shaping the concrete on the spot or glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) which means it is composed by molds taken by real cave rocks.

GFRC can recreate any artistic impression while GFRP eases the process dramatically since it requires no work on the field. The choice between them is not intuitive as both can do the work, but if you aim at building a cave that can be an anchor attraction by itself, GRP is preferred. Experience-wise, that might be the biggest difference between

More than Cave Walks

Explorium National sport and Science Center

Explorium National sport and Science Center

As with most things in life, first impressions matter in caves too. If done right, your experience - from the first step till the end, will feel like a real adventure, not just like a walk within beautifully made artificial rocks. The tour starts with the operator’s briefing and then, depending on the length and complexity of the cave, can continue as a guided or not-guided tour.

The guided tour brings in added value for parents and educational institutions as it gives kids both the adrenaline of the walk and the richness in knowledge. Having someone guide the dozen excited kids in a dark, tight, enclosed space and tell them where to stop and pay attention to different sites - as hand marking or animal painting - is key to maximizing the experience.

This way, the kids will have the chance to learn more and explore the wonders of speleology, walking through topic-related chambers dedicated to ancient life or stalactites. While on their quest, they will pass through tall tunnels resembling a real cavern, dive into sumps and hunt for treasures.

On their way, they will pass through various rock formations and learn about the underground world formed by nature. In some places, they will be crawling through narrow tunnels with a variety of routes, squeezing through tiny holes and passing different obstacles which will challenge them physically, just like in a real cave. The experience has that “wow” effect on people and is outstanding thanks to the variety of activities offered to the visitor, and as with many edutainment experiences - the more, the better.

The Caves are also gamified to enhance the adventure, feeding the kids’ natural curiosity for exploration beneath the surface. The platform encourages kids to collect points by hunting for hidden fossils or filling the volcano with lava as fast as they can. Other games include repeating the pattern of shining lights or choosing fossil animals or plants - a great way for the kids to learn while playing.

Real, Scary, Fun and Safe

Dunmore East Adventure Centre

Dunmore East Adventure Centre

During their cave visit, kids are treated just like the little explorers they are and are given helmets, headlamps, knee and elbow protectors, as well as torches. They will not only be able to see and touch what a real cave is like, but also enjoy the sound and special lighting effects too.

Last but not least, as much fun as it is to think about all that one can experience in a cave, it’s important to remember they are enclosed spaces and as such, safety considerations are a must when buying one.

The cave must have a good ventilation system and emergency exits on every 10 meters for the tunnels. To maximize these measures, you can also add LED emergency lights and fire-resistant GRP.

Walltopia provides you with the opportunity to build your custom cave and ensure all safety measures are in place. This is why artificial caves are considered an excellent way to provide for your visitors a fun and secure encounter with knowledge about this world. Real, scary, fun and safe don’t usually go together, but that’s only until Walltopia steps in.

Want to learn more about our Walltopia Caves?

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Ninja Course Palm Shores Florida

Adventure HQ, Palm Shores, Florida, USA

“When I first started working out, I was looking forward to each and every session. However, after a while the initial excitement wore off and workouts became just another part of my routine. The predictability of going into the gym every morning and doing the same exercises over and over again made me feel like I’m just checking one more thing off my schedule.” - Jennifer, 42 years old from Kansas City, Missouri

This quote from Jennifer actually describes the way a lot of people feel. Even though they want to stay healthy and fit, after a while they struggle to get excited about gym sessions.

And when you’re bored, you’re just not maximizing your workout.

According to experts, one of the main reasons people stop seeing fitness results and hit an exercise plateau is the lack of diversity in their sessions. Many different trends like CrossFit have attempted to counter this, but more often than not they turn out to be fads.

They just seem to ignore the most intrinsic part of human nature - the desire for play and natural movement, rather than repetitive and wearisome exercise. This is where Walltopia’s Ninja Course and Boulder climbing walls step in to show that staying fit can be far more engaging, and even feel fun and adventurous.


The Ninja Course is an obstacle course suited for all ages which allows users to train and compete with each other in a fun and exciting environment. It offers a variety of different elements which alternate the body parts you’re exercising. You can choose from over 45 high-quality obstacles and the Walltopia consultants will advise you how to combine them according to your goals - choosing the right selection for your area and budget is the key to a successful training course. In case you already have an existing structure, they can also be bought separately and are retrofittable.

Ninja courses can often be seen in combination with boulder walls which provide a thorough strength and endurance training along with a good dose of adrenaline. Both the courses and the walls are easy to install and maintain and they also have a simple structure which allows for quick and cheap upgrades in order to keep the visitor flow going. At the same time, they can bring great value to your gym - users love them because they provide an extra layer of challenge and adventure to their usual workout.

A Complete or Specific Muscle Group Workout

Funtopia Sofia Bulgaria

Funtopia, Sofia, Bulgaria

The main source of satisfaction for the users is successfully overcoming obstacles. This is why in order to keep the old visitors coming back and acquire new ones, you have to offer a variety of Ninja Course obstacles with distinct structure, size and purpose. Each one of them will pose a specific challenge to the user and require a different type of effort, which is what makes the workout so engaging.

Some of the obstacles focus on specific muscle groups in more detail while others provide a full-body workout. They combine cardiovascular training elements along with strength exercises, so during the training you burn calories and at the same time build muscle and stamina. Whether you’re climbing the nets or leaping over the jump boxes, you feel energized, adventurous and determined to reach your next goal.

For the upper part of your body, you can pick from a series of obstacles which not only exercise your shoulder and arm muscles, but also keep your mind occupied and make you forget that you’re in the midst of a high-intensity training session. Instead of doing repetitive pull ups while the only thing you focus on is the gruelling effort they require, you can roam around the Ninja Course gripping on the sliders and monkey swings hanging from above. Other obstacles which build your upper body strength include the salmon ladder and the spin cycle, among others.

Ninja courses also offer a wide variety of obstacles which present a great alternative to traditional exercises for the lower part of your body. Jumping over tubes and parkour steps will make you wonder why you’ve ever put yourself through endless series of monotonous squatting exercises. And instead of staring at your treadmill’s monitor and impatiently waiting to reach your target, you will be too busy concentrating on reaching your next obstacle as quickly as possible. Other elements which focus on the legs are the plexi board, the bosu ground and the spiderwalls, among others.

Most people also imagine that having a flat belly requires hours of repetitive sit ups and leg raises. However, abdominal training comes in different forms and can engage other parts of your body too. The training course provides a variety of suchpossibilities, like grabbing onto flying rings like a gymnast or climbing ropes and nets just like when you were a kid. The way to keep visitors coming back, is by combining a variety of obstacles which also have different difficulty levels - this way the user will be kept occupied both physically and mentally at all times.

Freedome Aerial Freestyle Park

Freedome Aerial Freestyle Park, Ellesmere Port, U.K.
Ninja Course fitted with a gamified feature “Racing Lines”, which turns the experience into a competition

Walltopia’s Ninja courses also offer the customizable Gamifier platform, produced by their partners at Techtopia. It allows visitors to track their progress, compete with their best times and tackle new challenges alone or with their friends. The Gamifier motivates people to return and improve their scores, bring others and popularize your venue in the process.

Bouldering, an Adrenaline-Packed Full-Body Workout

Earth Treks, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Earth Treks, Columbia, Maryland, USA

After the intensive ninja course training stirred up your hunger for adventure, you can then move on to the boulder wall for some more. Apart from providing you with a whole body workout, climbing also supplies a good dose of adrenaline and increases your overall balance and flexibility.

Contrary to most people’s perception, climbing doesn’t just exercise your arms - it also trains the lower parts of the body as doing it properly means lifting yourself mainly with your legs. The amount of hand-eye coordination which climbing requires also takes all of your focus and helps reduce your stress levels. Overall, climbing is a great way to increase both your physical and mental strength and gives you a great sense of achievement when looking down from the top.

Just like it’s near impossible to make a child exercise monotonously in a gym, you shouldn’t put your inner child through that either. Staying fit and healthy is important but don’t turn it into just another piece of your schedule. That’s what Walltopia’s combination of ninja workouts and climbing is here for - just try it and you’ll never go back to ‘normal’.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 10:47

Introducing the new Fit-In Fun Walls


Introducing the new Fit-in Fun Walls

No matter what type of sport or entertainment facility you operate, be it a climbing gym, Family Entertainment Center, mall, etc. the way to grow your profit is to keep visitors coming back again and again. Ensuring the repeatability of visits is the key to a sustainable business plan. But we live in times when every business is trying to provide experiences, instead of just products, and you compete with so many players on the market. So how do you stand out from the rest and have a fresh proposition to keep your customers returning often?

Simply put, by offering more diversified activities.

With that in mind, we developed Fun Walls – kids' climbing walls that merge sport and fun to create varied, exciting and memorable experiences. What they offer is more than just entertainment, as their interactive games and challenges improve kids’ social, cognitive and physical skills.

However, adding new attractions or replacing old ones can be complicated. And the investment is not the issue – it quickly pays off. What’s difficult is finding enough space to fit something new and exciting, and using it optimally to gain more profits.

This is what inspired us to create the Fit-in Fun Walls series. With the width of only 1.2 m (versus 1.5 m for the regular Fun Walls), the models' small footprint allows you to fit more of them in limited space, and consequentially, have a bigger capacity.


Fit-In Fun Walls models

fit-in_fun_wall fit-in_fun_wall fit-in_fun_wall fit-in_fun_wall fit-in_fun_wall fit-in_fun_wall fit-in_fun_wall fit-in_fun_wall



Crazy Climb



Kite Sky



Difficulty: |

Difficulty: |||

Difficulty: ||||

Difficulty: ||

Difficulty: |||

Difficulty: |||

Difficulty: |

Difficulty: ||

Bubbles is a perfect match for young kids and beginners. Just like air bubbles flow up in the ocean, climbers quickly reach the top of this Fun Wall with a fulfilling sense of accomplishment.

Cactus takes climbers on a desert adventure and challenges them to a competition – who will conquer the highest flower blossom?

As the name suggests, Crazy Climb is a bigger challenge for climbers. The handle-like holds are easy to grab, but their positions get people to stretch and leap for a jump, which boosts their adrenaline.

Climbing the Equalizer surely is a party – it’s designed for simple, easy to remember movements, which automatically pump up climbers to race their way to the top.

Jaws introduces climbers to the thrill of the savanna. They have to get to the top by trusting the jaws of their favorite animals, luckily, without the fear of getting bitten.

The beauty of Kite sky brings back memories of peaceful summer days. But climbing it is more of a challenge – jumping from cloud to cloud to get to the top gets the climbers’ blood pumping.

The Snake is a sneaky one – it has smaller holds, but they are placed in a manner that allows climbers to move up swiftly, just like a reptile.

Stars is one of the most exciting walls. Climbers can try to follow the constellations or make up their own path, just like a mighty space traveler would.

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