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Ninja Courses are obstacle courses that challenge and improve strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance. The Ninja Course allows visitors to train, compete and unwind in a fun and safe environment.

The number of lanes and obstacles in each Ninja Course depends on the capacity requested by the client as well as the size of the area where the course will be built. We offer more than 45 obstacles with different levels of difficulty that can challenge people of every level of fitness. A Ninja Course is a great fit for trampoline parks, FECs, sports centers, training facilities or climbing gyms.


Walltopia offers two types of Ninja Course structure - a version made from aluminum trusses and a steel version. Both are easy to upgrade after intallation and allow for expansion in any direction.

Ninja Course Modular Construction

Modular Aluminum Structure

    • Made out of square aluminum trusses
    • Lighter structure making it preferable for elevated courses
    • Various customization options
Ninja Course Modular Steel Struction

Modular Steel Structure

    • Made out of powder-coated steel columns
    • Costs up to 30% less than the aluminum equivalent
    • Even more customization options
    • Sleek design





Ground-based Ninja Course
    • Hanging & floor obstacles
    • Emblematic experience
    • Steel or aluminum structure
    • Multiple color options


Elevated Ninja Course
    • Course raised by 2.1m / 7ft equipped with inflatable airbags
    • Hanging & floor obstacles
    • Thrilling experience
    • Steel or aluminum structure
    • Multiple color options


Multi-level Ninja Course
    • Ground-based course on 1st level ropes course on 2nd level
    • Hanging, floor & ropes obstacles
    • Diversified experience
    • Steel or aluminum structure
    • Multiple color options


Hop-On Ninja Course Type
    • Easily-retrofitted
    • Flexible operation
    • High-capacity
    • Multiple color options

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Parkour Ninja Course
    • For low ceilings & limited spaces
    • No support structure required
    • Multiple color options


Walltopia produces over 45 Ninja Course obstacles with different levels of difficulty - from ones that are suitable for kids at the age of 8, to ones that could challenge athletic adults. They can be easily changed to keep up the challenge and diversify a facility.

The obstacles are either sold by themselves, or with the rest of the structural elements (structure, platforms, mats, timers, etc.).

Check out the full list of obstacles and their features:


Inflatable Airbag


    • Available for elevated courses
    • Height: 1.2 to 1.5 m (3.9 to 4.9 ft)
    • Option for HD printing on the airbag
Foam Mat


    • Available for ground based courses
    • Height: 30 cm (11.8 in)
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Multiple color options
Carpet Bonded Foam


    • Available for ground based courses
    • Height: 3.5 cm (1.35 in)
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Multiple color options

Platform, column padding & safety net

Ninja Course Net
    • The platforms between the obstacles & the columns are padded with foam to minimize injury risks.
    • Safety nets can be installed on the edges of the course for increased safety and are recommended for elevated courses. They are especially useful when the course is located next to other attractions.


Colors & branding

Colors for Ninja Course

The courses come in any desired color of the RAL classic palette and can also be branded with a logo or a personalized message in order to match the visual identity of the facility where they’re located. Obstacles, column padding and airbags are amongst the different elements that can be customized, to name but a few.

Racing lines

    • Turn the experience into a competition
    • Time & rank visitors’ speed
    • A great incentive for group visits and increased repeatability
    • Contains a starting sensor, stop button, fog machine, sound system and TV screen that displays the leaderboard


Gamifier RFID
    • Gamify the experience through an interactive platform
    • Visitors collect points and compete to get rewards
    • Compiles and analyzes data that empowers operators
    • Customizable and retrofittable to your facility.
    Learn more at techtopia.eu


UK Ninja Course by Walltopia Adventure (Freedome)

Ninja Course Obstacle Selection

Ninja Course Automated Timing System

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How long does it take to manufacture, deliver and install a Ninja Course?

The lead time for a standard Ground Base Course and Elevated Course with standard obstacles is 2 weeks. For all other types of Ninja Course is 4-6 weeks. The delivery time depends on which part of the world you want us to transport the course to. Ninja courses can be installed in as little as 1 week.

Can I install my own Ninja Course?

Yes, ground-based Ninja Courses can be easily installed by the customer. If you choose an elevated course, however, we do recommend having our experienced crew install it for you.

Is there a minimum age requirement for using the facility?

Ninja Course is recommended for participants who are over 8 years of age. Participants must also be 130 cm or taller.

What is the facility’s capacity?

It depends on the number of lanes that the course has. A ground-based Ninja Course can have as many as 30 people per hour, per lane. An elevated course’s capacity is about 20 people per hour, per lane.

What is the minimum height for an Elevated Ninja Course?

The minimum column height for an elevated Ninja Course is 4.5 meters.


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