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Walltopia designs and manufactures artificial caves, which not only give visitors a realistic caving experience, but also turn free space into an adventurous and diverse amusement area. Our caves are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations such as amusement parks, family entertainment centers, gyms, children's playgrounds, ropes course facilities, and retail centers. Walltopia's caving system provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore and test their limits.


adventure zone Adventure

amusement park Amusement

family entertainment center Family Entertainment Centers

hotel Hotels

MALL Malls

recreational center Recreational Centers

resort Resorts

water park Water Parks

Tunnel Obstacles

Chamber Obstacles

Sample Project 1

Sample Project 2

Sample Project 3

Sample Project 4

Sample Project 5

Walltopia Caves Fire Retardant Fiberglass Panel

Caving in Dunmore East - Walltopia Caves

Walltopia Cave in Yass Mall Abu Dhabi - Artificial Cave

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Walltopia Caves Brochure

Walltopia Caves Manual

Walltopia Caves User Manual and Maintenance Instructions

Walltopia Caves Sample Projects Brochure

Walltopia Caves Sample Projects Brochure

Walltopia Adventure Products

Walltopia Active Entertainment Brands Brochure

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Walltopia Active Entertainment - Project Catalogue

GRP Certificate

GRP Certificate

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