Gamification of the experience in Active entertainment is the future.
Its effect on repeatability of visits has been proven with data from thousands of venues. And this data gives us all the power to improve our offering and understand our customers better every day. It adds tremendous value to the time of free roaming between the attractions and to the time of play on the attractions.
Our proposition is the Gamifier - an loT system with a built-in game engine.

Create gameplay

Create interactive games for your current or future facility. Single-player or multi player, quests, treasure hunt capture the flag, team-building games, escape rooms, laser mazes, the sky is the limit. Reach is for a consultation and we will guide you through the process.

Adopt hardware

Achieve immersive effects and Immediate player gratification. See how to implement the desired gameplay using our dedicated hardware components, that provide various ways for user input and user feedback.

Plug and play

After the gameplay and hardware set are selected, we can come and install It at the site. You can also do it yourself sInce our hardware has built-in protections and gets automatically connected, initialized, tested, and updated. All we require is an Internet connection.

Stimulate players with real-world prizes from your merchandise

Gamifier allows you to create a virtual currency inside your facilities. Accumulated scores can be turned into credits so the players can use them to buy merchandise. Buying merchandise can happen both locally and online. Gamifer has an API or can be linked to an external one to seamlessly connect to your current warehouse or selling platform.

Gamifer wirstbands are compatible with RIFD lockers

Gamifiers platform supports the most popular 125MHz and 13.56Khz RFID wristbands as well as NFC tags. These are the same ones used in most RFID lockers solutions.

Charge money into the wristband

Gamifier allows you to convert a real-life currency to a virtual one. This allows players to leave their wallets in the lockers and Immerse themselves in the active part of the entertainment. Gamifier lets you either have a unified currency system or separate the virtualized real-world money from the ones generated by scores. Virtual currency generated from achievements and scores is called “credits,” virtual currency generated from real-world money is called “tokens.”

Create paid attractions

Gamifier’s platform allows you to create optional attractions that the players need to pay to play with. Their payment can be done either from the scores they have achieved (credits), from real money (tokens), have one free visit included in their ticket, unlock a free visit via an achievement, or a referral.

Use various ticket types

Gamifier’s platform allows you to create ticket presets with various attributes turned on or off for them. For example, you can set entrance time, have a limited or unlimited amount of plays on the attractions, limit the time spent in the entertainment center, etc.

Players access control and predefined visit areas according to ticket type

Gamifier’s platform allows you to use the RFID wristbands for access control in the active entertainment center and sell tickets for one or several zones. Wristbands can be stored in the database and have dedicated wristbands for the staff and temporary wristbands for the visitors.

Predefined access to attractions according to ticket type

Gamifier’s platform performs a check every time an RFID wristband is scanned on an attraction. During this check, you can allow users to play at certain attractions and prevent them to play on others according to their ticket type.

Create custom achievements

Gamifier platform arrives with a set of default achievements that players can unlock to receive more scores or credits. You can modify or add more achievements so their experience will fit best to your facility.

Create custom quests

Gamifier platform allows you to create combinations of games that the visitors need to play in a certain order to complete a quest.

Create story lines

Except for custom game plays at the attractions, Gamifier can also add one more layer of interactivity by creating story lines for the players to follow. Tell a story about a brave knight, who reached the summit of a volcano and fought a dragon there to win the heart of a princess. Make the player go through the story as the main character and physically climb the volcano at the climbing walls and fight a virtual dragon on the VR zone.

Friends & clans

Gamifier’s platform allows registered players to become online friends and interact with each other outside the entertainment center. Players can share their common goals and cooperate in achieving them by joining a clan.

Create behavior stimulating awards

Gamifier’s platform can detect if a player has returned with a friend, or if he has been visiting the center often by himself. The platform allows you to reach to visitors and reward them for their behavior.

Team buildings & birthday parties

Gamifier’s platform allows you to have the whole place reserved for a party, specify an area for the party, have several parties at the same time. It is also possible to split visitors into one large group or in various teams.


Gamifier’s platform has a built-in waiver for the visitors and the minors they are with. Visitors can fill the waiver during their registration process on-site or online. Waivers are GDPR compliant and are kept in our database for 6 months.

Post visit engagement

Reach to your visitors after they visa the entertainment center. Tell them how they performed compared to ,her visitors or share info about how their health improved after just one visit. Gamifier’s platform has various output streams like emails, notifications, short text messages.

Connect to your platform

Gamifier is not just a scoring system. It can help you boost user engagement towards your products. Mobile game developers are stimulating youngsters to be more active by linking their scores to their game accounts. FEC brands are using Gamifier as a core to their business model.

Gamifier grows with you

Gamifier is a flexible platform that can adapt to your needs on your path to success. It can grow both internally and externally in relation to the entertainment center. This means that you can keep on adding more attractions and more functionalities on the go.

99% Uptime guaranteed

Gamifier’s platform can be implemented in various architecture types. When high redundancy is a must, the local servers, as well as the database servers, can be physically doubled. Every connected device has a heartbeat and is being monitored from the system for its status and uptime. Monthly reports for uptime are automatically generated.

Have several locations worldwide

Gamifier is always connected to the world by a cloud system. This allows you to create a brand that can have locations anywhere on Earth. You can make the active entertainment centers share their best records on the leaderboards, or make players from different locations compete against each other for a world cup.

TV advertisement

Want to share information with all the visitors? Make a statement on a video clip and the Gamifier platform will broadcast it on all the leaderboard TVs. You can schedule how often your videos should be shown and even use the leaderboards as an advertising platform.

Facilitate the facilitators

Gamifier’s admin panel has separate user profiles for the facilitators. They can open it on an iPad and use its NFC reader or Bluetooth-connected RFID reader to scan players’ wristbands and easily find solutions to their issues.

All languages are supported

We live in a globalized world. It would not be possible to unite all players in one game if the platform did not speak their language. For that reason, all languages are supported by the Gamifier and administrators have access to translation tables, where they can add or edit the wording for each phrase used in the user interface.

Custom branding

Do you want to adopt gamification as part of your identity? We can Implement custom prints and custom graphic interfaces that match your branding.

Third-party games integrations

Everyone is free to connect to the Gamifier. We have developed a dedicated API that allows developers to connect their solutions over the most common and widespread approaches. Even web developers and mobile game developers can stimulate their players to be more active and connect to the Gamifier.

Third-party systems integration

Gamifier can be Integrated with POS platforms, ticketing platforms, waiver platforms, etc. We can connect to an external API and provide an API for external systems as well.