Active Entertainment is the New Gem for Retailtainment

For a long time, cinemas have been one of the main attractions in shopping centers. Is that still so? Having in mind that the way people shop has changed, more and more shopping centers are looking to adjust to the needs of their customers and improve the personalized experience that they offer. The transformation of shopping centers into entertainment hubs gives a key role to active entertainment facilities.

Why Active Entertainment?

It’s an activity that engages people physically and mentally. Walltopia is one of the companies that provide the biggest variety of designs and products in this industry. They can all be modified to the needs of our clients and can be designed as individual attractions or as a combination of attractions.

Installed in a shopping center, our products can not only improve the experience for consumers, but also transform the way the space is organized, making it more modern and unique. This is what Walltopia shines at.

Not another thing on your plate…

To create an entertainment center, our clients do not need to have previous experience in the entertainment industry. Having worked on over 40 projects, in shopping centers, Walltopia has the know-how on how to organize any space to the needs of our clients.

In addition to this we try to design our facilities to be cost-efficient and easy to run. For example, one of our products, Fun Walls comes in many different designs and its main target audience is kids. This harnessed attraction usually requires more staff because it allows kids to climb relatively high up. However, we provide a solution that can lower labor costs. We can add an add-on to our walls. It not only lowers the number of staff, but also eases the operation of this harnessed facility. We also produce unharnessed attractions, which usually do not require more than one person to operate them, because they are designed in a very safe way. These include Cloud Climb, Adventure Trail and Walltopia Caves. Another concern that our clients have are maintenance costs. This is why we can change the materials that we use for our products to ones that require less maintenance.

Because we can utilize any space and do not need our clients to modify according to our needs, on the contrary we find solutions for their problems, we think that Active Entertainment is the solution for any space you want to optimize.

Flying and laughing people in the air instead of static decorative installations

Every shopping center has an open area that is usually dedicated to decorations and attractions with the intention to set a mood. These can absolutely be replaced by our special designs. They can create an even more enthralling visual experience. Seeing people hanging from the ceiling and having fun can bring joy not only to the customers using the installments, but also to the visitors just passing by. What can be a better experience in a shopping center than seeing kids enjoying life and hearing people laughing? What can create a better connection between people and their surroundings?

Flying over the food corner in Bogota

Recently we worked on a project in El Eden Shopping Center – at the time the largest mall in Colombia, Bogota with 357 retail units. In the year 2022 they contacted us, because they had decided that they wanted to add something unique and personal that none of the other shopping centers in the area had. Their idea was to create a strong focal point in the main open area of the mall with a Rollglider suspended from the ceiling. This is exactly what we did. We built a 3 floors high Ropes Course and then we added a Rollglider that went around the whole open area. The length of the Rollglider was 212m with a high speed of 11km/h. In the end, the capacity of the whole area was 69 people. In this location our products look like an interactive art installation that anyone visiting the shopping center can enjoy.

Another project that we completed this year was in a shopping center in Mexico, Pachuca. The owners wanted to create a new form of entertainment and called it Malltertainment. The area that they wanted to dedicate to this was 2000 sqm. We had worked with these clients before and so they called us to utilize the whole space. We created a 282 people momentum capacity, installing more than 6 of our products in their location, including an Adventure Hub, consisting of Cloud Climb and Adventure Trail, creating a complicated connection of little houses and nets, making the kids feel like they are on a real adventure.

Adding an active entertainment facility as a core attraction in shopping centers provides a new experience for people. It is the next step to making a connection with consumers, building a long-lasting and loyal relationship with them.

Walltopia active entertainment products can be arranged in many unique combinations, fitting spaces, and business plans. Download a Sample ROI Plans Brochure which gives detailed numbers of three different project cases — a family entertainment center in a space with a low ceiling (Triangle Plus), with a high ceiling (The Jungle Adventure Play), and an urban outdoor space without limitations (Playtopia Park).