Turnkey Solutions for Family Entertainment Centers Series 1/3 — An Integration Into A Mixed-use building — Triangle Plus, Hong Kong

To work in the center of Hong Kong is a challenge that a big production company like Walltopia is happy to take on. The variety of clients and requirements that we have to take into account is something that we look forward to.

Usually in the center of big cities, there are a lot of people, but space is hard to come by. It is in the interest of Walltopia’s clients to be located near a constant flow of people but in city centers this comes with challenges.

The challenge

Recently Walltopia worked with the founders of Triangle Plus, enthusiastic climbers who wanted to combine climbing with active entertainment. Their project was located on the 7th and 8th floors of Plaza 88. There was a problem with the space. The height of the ceilings in the building was too low, it was only 3.7 meters.

Walltopia managed to utilize the space despite this. In fact, Walltopia incorporated several of its designs – the Ropes Course, Fun Walls, Caves, Cloud Climb and Ninja Course, to fit the space and then added the requested by the client climbing area, consisting of 365 sqm sports climbing walls. Walltopia’s designers created a functional layout, optimizing the space available by choosing the right combination of activities.

Non-standard Use of a Standard Product

Walltopia’s Ropes Courses usually require a ceiling that is at least 6.5 meters high and the courses themselves are often built hanging from a ceiling, or are placed on columns, high above the ground, but in this case Walltopia had to modify their design to the needs of their client. This is why they designed a Ropes Course that was a one-level hexagon, which was as close to the ground as possible. It was built over an area of 130 sqm and has a capacity of 85 people per hour. It includes obstacles with different difficulty levels in order to target a larger group of people. It’s great for kids 8 and above.

Adjusting to the clients

Triangle Plus also wanted to have attractions for younger kids. This is why they decided to install Fun Walls, but the normal Fun Walls were too tall. For this reason Walltopia’s design team customized all the Fun Walls to fit the room. The height of the ceilings didn’t allow the walls to be installed with all the challenges, which however, made them more appropriate for an even younger age group. To make them more interesting and entertaining, Walltopia’s team suggested installing several walls with games, like The Speed Wall and The Fireman’s Wall, in order to improve the climbing experience. In the end, the capacity of this zone was 76 people per hour and the total area was 150 sqm.

Crawl through the impossible space

But Walltopia didn’t stop there. Walltopia managed to utilize the space even better, adding artificial caves. The Caves are the perfect solution to fit in “impossible spaces”. For this project in Triangle Plus, Walltopia installed the first artificial cave system in Hong Kong. The Caves include different physical obstacles and interactive games from Walltopia’s catalog. It’s suitable for children aged 3 and above, it has a capacity of 130 people per hour and is built on 95 sqm.

The “All In” product

Triangle Plus decided to also add a Ninja Course. An activity perfect for facilities with low ceilings. Usually this is an activity that targets only a specific group of people, because it requires a lot of strength and energy, but for Triangle Plus, Walltopia’s designers selected the best obstacles for each age group and created a Ninja Course experience for everyone — from professional athletes to young future ninja warriors. The course has 3 different lanes of difficulty, which makes it perfect for people who want to try something new and for professionals who want to train. The capacity of the Ninja Course is 63 people per hour and it is built on 160 sqm.

Unharness the toddlers, facilitate monitoring

Last, but not least, Walltopia installed Adventure Trail with slides and Cloud Climb. This is another product combination designed for toddlers and kids. It is an unharnessed attraction, which means it allows complete freedom for younger kids and it’s one of the most used attractions. Unharnessed models are also easier to monitor and reduce the number of operators needed, but they also have a very high capacity. In this case, 90 people per hour.

And climbing walls at the top

For this project Walltopia modified all of its designs and attractions to the needs of Triangle Plus. It found the best solutions possible, solving the problems brought on by modern urban development. In this case, the low ceiling. Here, Walltopia proved itself once again as a perfect turkey solution provider, covering both standard and non-standard product sets, short-term consulting and complete project delivery and installation. Walltopia did not limit the options of its client, on the contrary, it expanded them.

Walltopia active entertainment products can be arranged in many unique combinations, fitting spaces, and business plans. Download a Sample ROI Plans Brochure which gives detailed numbers of three different project cases — a family entertainment center in a space with a low ceiling (Triangle Plus), with a high ceiling (The Jungle Adventure Play), and an urban outdoor space without limitations (Playtopia Park).