Main Court Arena

  • Standard square trampoline beds
  • Long lanes
  • Angled trampolines
  • Cube obstacles
  • Jumping boxes
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Kids Court

  • Standard square trampoline beds
  • Long lanes
  • Slide trampolines
  • Cube obstacles
  • Jumping box
  • Foam pit
  • Kids parkour
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Foam Pit Court

  • Standard trampoline beds
  • Foam pit
  • Battle Beam
  • Jumping Platform
  • Climbing Wall
  • Hex Caterpillar
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Dodge Ball Court

  • Standard trampoline beds
  • Angle trampolines
  • Long lanes
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Basketball Court

  • Standard trampoline beds
  • Basketball rings
  • Soft basketballs
  • Different height besketball rings
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Parkour Court

  • Parkour platforms
  • Pole
  • Air bag
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Valo Jump Court Single

  • Valo jump from Valo Motion
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Valo Jump Court Double

  • Valo jump from Valo Motion
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The concept

Walltopia Trampolines are unharnessed activity for the whole family. It is a multi-activity playground suitable for all age groups.

The experience

Trampolines have evolved from simple jumping mats to a wide range of different games and obstacles.

  • Add air bag, battle beam, foam pit, soft parkour obstacles or a climbing wall for action diversity.
  • Incorporate group activity trampolines such as basketball court or dodge ball court.
  • Add interactivity with Valo Jump
  • Cater to advanced jumpers with a variety of trampoline beds: long lanes, slide trampolines, angled trampolines
  • Do not forget to designate a zone for the youngest jumpers with a kid's court


Our trampolines are designed and engineered accroding to US and European standards:

  • CSN EN 13219 – Gymnastic equipment – Trampolines – Functional and safety requirements, test methods
  • ASTM F2970-22 – Standard practice for design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and major modification of trampoline courts
  • BS PASS 5000-2017 – Specification for the construction and operation of a fixed indoor trampoline park


The springs are made of specialized music wire

  • Extra strong: feel safe to perform all kinds of acrobatics
  • Excellent elastic properties: ensure smooth absorption of kinetic energy while jumping
  • Highly durable:last longer compared to galvanized steel springs and decrease expenses for consumables.

Trampoline Fabric

  • Thermally interlocked to provide a smooth surface that adds extra comfort to the customers
  • Made of polypropylene and loaded with carbon, the woven fabric has high tensile strength
  • Еxcelent UV protection
  • Resistant tо mold and water
  • Perfect elastic properties: always returns to flat position, doesn't stretch, crease or fold
  • Manufactured in an ISO-certified facility, guaranteeing the highest quality fabric


  • Durable foam filling with vinyl finish
  • Available in a wide range of colors

Safety net

Located at the edges of the trampoline courts, safety nets increase protection by preventing falls outside the attraction.

  • Made of high tenacity polyester knotless net

Trampoline Beds

Color options for the trampoline beds

  • Black
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue

Vinyl Paddings

Available in a wide range of RAL colors